Shirley Craven

Shirley Craven

"Sharon and I worked together at Pfizer Ltd, where she was running colleague training courses and I was an attendee at one of her Leadership workshops. Sharon was a brilliant trainer for this course: inclusive, approachable and extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter; providing guidance and creative solutions to allow us to understand how to listen; make informed decisions and how to present ourselves in the senior corporate environment. When I later needed to find a speaker to present on the value of confidence to a group of senior leaders, I immediately thought of Sharon to lead the seminar. After inviting her to speak, Sharon put together a compelling and relevant session on "The Power Of Confidence" - and after seeing how engaged the audience were, I was really impressed with Sharon’s ability to create a warm and encouraging atmosphere, whilst discussing a subject many find difficult. Feedback following the event was extremely positive, both for the ’takeaways' and for the excellent presentation. Sharon is a talented, creative trainer and speaker who is comfortable working with colleagues from senior leaders to scientists to office administrators - and will always go the extra mile. Sharon is a joy to collaborate with: I would not hesitate to ask her to deliver a seminar again in the future, and I am very happy to recommend her services."

Sharon Kirkland

Sharon Kirkland Manufacturing Co-ordinator at Pfizer

"I attended Sharon's two day course on "The Power Of Influence" and would like to take this opportunity to recommend this training to anyone who feels they need to add a little sparkle to their personal tool kit in this area. Sharon is a very skilled and knowledgeable facilitator and I found her teaching style extremely effective and upbeat. Sharon is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to recommendation her training services to any organisation. Thank you Sharon, I certainly benefited from this training personally and I wish you every success for your future endeavours."

Sheila Standen

Sheila Standen Sales Manager at Ski Famille

"Our company was introduced to Sharon via the Growth Accelerator programme for small businesses. We are a small but growing Tour Operator specialising in family ski holidays. The company has undergone some major changes since I started being coached by Sharon, which has thrown up a few personal challenges over the last year or so. I’ve always looked forward to our sessions as Sharon is very empathetic, and always encourages you to step outside your regular thought processes and see the bigger picture. It’s very easy in the thick of the ski season to get bogged down and lose track of your priorities, so I found the ‘Managing Your Time’ programme especially useful. I still refer to the booklet every now and again if I feel myself regressing! Sharon’s enthusiasm and positivity is infectious. Whether in groups or as individuals, if you’re a small business like ours or a multi-national corporation, Sharon has it covered."

Mahri Tawse

Mahri Tawse Associate at Gerald Eve

"I attended a pilot three day training course devised by Sharon in conjunction with Gerald Eve's HR team. The course was split over several months and covered a range of topics to develop our skills, from communication / presentation skills to a session with a personal stylist. Sharon was a brilliant trainer - very enthusiastic and personable. You can tell that she genuinely cares about her client's development and progress and went above and beyond, with regular contact made between sessions and after the course ended to provide encouragement and feedback. I believe the course is now to be rolled out throughout the Firm, which is testament to how well the course was received."

Jane Evans

Jane Evans HR Business Partner at USS Ltd

"I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sharon as both a coach and trainer. Her open and honest communication style, along with her enthusiasm and grounded knowledge, facilitates and encourages impactful learning and development, which actually leads to positive outcomes for individuals and consequently the business."

Luisa Russo

Luisa Russo Associate at Gerald Eve

"I am delighted to have taken part in Sharon's The Power of You course. The Power of You was specifically aimed at a small group of females within my organisation to develop our confidence in business environments. Sharon's ideas, sound-bites and structured models on how to approach situations and push for more has made me think and act in an entirely different way in 'business', as well as in all aspects of my life. I am grateful to Sharon and to my organisation for giving me the opportunity to participate in the course and I would highly recommend The Power of You to anyone who wishes to build upon their confidence skills."

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer HR Director at Gerald Eve

"I would recommend UCan Training having engaged them to coach staff in our organisation. Sharon is a great listener and has helped the individuals to build confidence in their own abilities to deliver in their roles. This has benefited them personally, and the business as a whole."

Joan Foley

Joan Foley Clinical Operations Group Lead, Global Established Pharma at Pfizer

"Sharon has been a pleasure to work with, quickly understands the remit and is able to translate into an impactful training delivery. Is able to adapt to audience and keep people focused. Above all can make this happen at short notice, much appreciated."

John Murphy

John Murphy Principal Scientist at Pfizer

"I've been on two of Sharon's courses and can highly recommend them to anyone with an interest and need to improve their communication skills. Sharon's experience, thorough knowledge of her area of expertise and engaging approach to enabling the group to practise the material taught leads to a thoroughly enjoyable and genuinely useful learning experience!"

Rebecca Newenham

Rebecca Newenham Owner of virtual marketing & support agency managing specialist tasks

"I attended a fabulous goal setting workshop run by Sharon. She facilitated the session allowing us all to focus on the goals we wanted to achieve over varying timescales and helped us structure these so we could see how we might achieve these goals. The time went really quickly as the session was interactive with the ability to work with others and also on our own. I found the workshop to be hugely rewarding both on the day and also afterwards with regular contact from both Sharon and the other delegates since. I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone to see how they have got on putting their goals into place. The workshop was delivered in bit sized chunks which wasn’t overwhelming and it gave me the confidence to be both realistic and optimistic in my goal setting."

Alison Witter

Alison Witter Consultant and Coach

"I saw Sharon as a coaching client, and can thoroughly recommend her coaching skills, as well as her clarity of thought and her ability to really listen. Sharon used her 6 week challenge process to help me focus on setting short-term achievable goals whilst I start my own business. She challenged me to think about the obstacles to my success and encouraged me to focus on the work/life balance I hope to achieve. Her approach has helped me to move from a position of wavering conviction of my own abilities to one where I am totally congruent with my short and long term goals. Her support has been invaluable, and I look forward to sharing my results and successes with her going forward! Thanks Sharon."

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson Learning & Talent Development Student CIPD

"Throughout my +25 years experience in the Pharma industry, I have been lucky enough to attend many courses and workshops - some of them excellent. However, when I attended Sharon Jackson's "Power of Influence" Course at Pfizer, I believe I was privileged to experience a "learning opportunity" that sits in a league of its own. This was by far and away, the most positively impactful course that I have ever been on. Whilst the tools and techniques taught are practical, relevant, and immeadiately applicable, the real power of the course derives from Sharon herself. She has a remarkable ability for establishing positive rapport with the individual - in effect, expertly modelling what she is teaching as she goes. This means that whilst the session takes place in a group setting, the learning feels very much "tailored and personalized" to one's own needs. The learning process is further enhanced by Sharon's acute "people watching" skills, and ability to provide specific and constructive feedback. This is coupled with diligent pre-course preparation with the individual and their line manager, together with subsequent post-course follow-up. In my experience, this was a unique feature of the course - another difference that makes the difference. I believe Sharon is a gifted trainer with exceptional interpersonal skills. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her in this capacity."

Nicola Godden

Nicola Godden Sculptor

"Sharon helped me to create some positive thought cards to read to myself for a month. The effect of doing this exercise was very obvious and very positive. My work improved and so did my general feelings of well being and confidence. I ended up achieving almost everything I had wanted to and certainly more than I had expected to."

Connor Armstrong

Connor Armstrong UK Trainng Manager at Pfizer

"I have attended “Communication and Influencing” and “Advanced Communication Skills” and would recommend Sharon to anyone seeking to improve their effectiveness, both personally and within organisations. Sharon manages to balance the sober reality that is training within a corporate environment with a relaxed personal style that effortlessly gets the best form diverse groups, and limited time available. To ensure delegates benefit from the course, Sharon makes personal contact pre course, addresses identified learning needs during the course and follows up with post course coaching – putting the course notes aside to gather dust is not an option! Real & practical take-away skills – many thanks Sharon!"

Iain Gladwell

Iain Gladwell Group Leader, Research API department, Pfizer

"I attended a 2 day Influencing Skills workshop delivered by Sharon Jackson at Pfizer and it was, without a doubt, the best course I have attended in my 23 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In my view Sharon exemplifies all the qualities you hope for in an excellent trainer. • Sharon contacted delegates and their supervisors, in person, ahead of the course to introduce herself and discuss their learning goals, which she used to tailor the focus of the course and refer back to throughout. • Sharon has a very confident and enthusiastic delivery style, is clearly an expert in her field and engenders trust. She very quickly created an effective and open learning environment during the course, where delegates felt comfortable to ask questions and share personal experiences within a group they didn’t know. • Sharon structured and controlled the course very effectively, allowing plenty of time to practice techniques, for discussion and questions, but re-focusing as appropriate. Sharon provided insightful and honest feedback to delegates to aid their development and didn’t shy away from giving the “difficult” feedback, which is often the most valuable. • Sharon was able to cover a lot of ground in the course, at a good level, yet the course notes were very concise, clear and a useful reference - not the “war & peace” binders you take home from many courses and never open again! • Towards the end of the course Sharon asked delegates to consider and share how they would use what they had learnt back in the work place – in my view this is a key task that gets missed in many courses. Sharon then followed up with delegates after one and three weeks to remind them of key course messages, enquire how their personal goals were progressing and to offer of further help. I feel I have retained, and more important used, well over 90% of what I learned in the Influencing course delivered by Sharon Jackson. I have and continue to recommend Sharon and the course within my company."

Maria Zacharia-Gabellone

Maria Zacharia-Gabellone Administrative Lead at Pfizer

"I attended a training course which Sharon facilitated named 'Communication and Influencing Skills'. It was a very well informative course which taught me a variety of skills set that has helped me considerably with my confidence. Thank you so much Sharon!"

Christelle Lauret

Christelle Lauret Bilingual Certified Coach

"I would have no hesitation recommending Sharon for her training services. I undertook several workshops she lead, all of which resulted in immediate, measurable, on the job results. One of the reasons I think her approach is particularly successful is that not only does she know her subject, she also has a great ability for connecting with people. She has a way of reaching people individually and getting the best out of them as a result. Thanks again Sharon!"

Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook Associate Director, H3 Biomedicine

"Sharon provided an excellent communication and influencing skills workshop at Pfizer. Her training sessions were aimed at guiding each individual, focusing on a person's weaker skills while still covering the general topics in detail. Sharon's suggestions and feedback to questions was timely, accurate and to the point. Throughout the day she successfully encouraged everyone to share knowledge and learn from each others experiences. Overall an excellent and enjoyable training experience which I can highly recommend."

Pejman Azarmina

Pejman Azarmina Senior Medical Director at CardioDx

"Sharon is a great trainer. She taught a class on advanced communication skills and influencing skills at our company location in London and I learned a lot from her. Her approach is very effective, her delivery method is very efficient and most importantly, those learnings were immediately applicable to my day to day interactions with colleagues and clients. I highly recommend Sharon as a great person to work with."

Fiona Rawlinson

Fiona Rawlinson UK Native English Tutor in Hong Kong

"I attended a “Power of Influence” course run by Sharon and found it one of the most useful training courses I have ever been on. Sharon was an excellent trainer – extremely receptive to the needs of everyone in the group, very knowledgeable on the content of the course, and her delivery of the material was engaging and thought provoking. Sharon has a personable, friendly and professional style and has been very willing to offer continued support after the course. I would definitely recommend Sharon and any course of hers that you have the opportunity to attend!"