Case study – Donna Sharp


What did you find most useful about the training and why?

This is a training experience like no other, no dull, boring conference room and death by Powerpoint.

The beautiful and homely location and structure of the sessions really adds to the whole experience.  Sharon’s informal, and friendly approach makes you feel welcome and comfortable instantly.  I felt at ease as soon as I walked into her lovely home.

Having the training sessions set out over a 3 month period with time in between to allow the opportunity to apply the tools we learnt is really valuable and helps embed the skills.

The interactive nature of the training and the opportunities to present to the group has helped with my confidence, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


What skills, models have you used and what was the result? 

ANSWERS (attention grabber, needs, solution, why, evidence, resistance, summary)

This is a really useful tool when wanting to gain agreement to implement a new idea or change to a current process.  This is one of my favourites that I now use frequently. By planning out this way in advance provides me with the confidence that I know the content when I present to other colleagues. I also used this tool during feedback sessions with Sharon when I presented back to the group.

3 R’s (Reason, request, rebuild) – This tool has proved to be a great aid for me in delegating tasks. In the past my natural instinct would be to never say no to a request or not want to bother someone else and ask them to take a task for me, which at times would lead to me over loading myself with work. The 3 R’s really has helped me to feel comfortable to delegate.

What has been the biggest change in behaviour? 

I feel far more confident in myself when dealing with difficult situations and when asking others to do work or assist in a project.  I believe in myself more than I did before and my peers have commented on how they have seen a notable change in my confidence.


How has the organisation benefitted? 

As my confidence has grown I am now taking more of a leader role in teams and projects and putting myself forward for high profile tasks that require me to present to a larger audience.

Relationships with difficult colleagues have vastly improved, making it some much easier to get the job done!

Any other comments? 

Sharon is an amazing coach and trainer, after each session I came away feeling like I could take on anything!

I have gained so much from my time with Sharon:

  • tools to help me achieve goals in my career
  • how my body language can affect a situation
  • how to manage my emotions and confidence levels

and so much more!