Employees who can’t grow, leave

“Employees are still quitting in high numbers and the best way to convince them to stay is still career progression.” (Jessica Stillman, Inc)

If you’re in HR or L&D, ensuring you’re helping your talent to grow is the key to retaining your most precious resource. 

But how confident are you that you’re providing the necessary skills, tools and techniques for individuals to want to stay, grow, and be part of your organisation’s future?

Nurture your talent to grow

If you want your business to be a leader in its field, you need to be investing in the personal and career development of your current teams.

Nurturing talent and inspiring the business leaders of the future is my passion. 

What I’ve seen, all too often, is that it’s just expected that team members inherently know how to manage conflict, present powerful presentations, communicate effectively, manage their workload, delegate… and master all the other skills which leadership roles demand.

Employees are leaving because they cannot see the progression possible for them, they do not feel invested in or valued, or they are coasting without a sense of achievement. 

By proactively providing your team members with the skills for success you prevent this the Great Resignation diluting your organisation’s talent.

Plus, as an organisation, you reap the benefits of increased performance, raised staff morale, reduced recruitment costs, and – essential for every business – greater financial success.

Power of You career development programme

My Power of You career development programme has been developing young talent into leaders across industries for over a decade.

The programme is offered online, onsite, or in my training studio. Usually it is delivered across a total of 3 days over 3 months with time for implementation between sessions.

To retain, grow and inspire your organisation’s talent, DM me today or email me at sharon@ucantraining.com