Grace Carter

The scene for the course is set when you are welcomed into Sharon’s lovely home to have a cup of tea around her family’s kitchen table.  You are able to meet other members on the course and get to know one another before diving deep into the personal boundaries that you’re there to work on.  The learning environment and structure of the day (e.g. breaks around the kitchen table, lunch at the pub, meeting Sharon’s family) provides an open and safe environment, which is key to this course.


What did you find the most useful about the training and why?

I really enjoyed being in a team of women who all knew what they wanted but we just didn’t know how to get there.  It was great having discussions lead by Sharon and being introduced to techniques we can use to break down the walls that were stopping us progressing in both our personal and professional lives.  I loved learning about how the brain works and that visualising your goals can help make you reach them.

The Power of You training has empowered me to own my professional life and have confidence in my abilities.  Before the course I let the boundaries I had built, restrict my confidence in decision-making, hide my voice and limit my innovative thinking.

Now I feel so much more confident and a lot happier.  I am happy to speak up during meetings and am building positive working relationships with team members. I have embarked on a project, which is pushing me outside my comfort zone and leading me down an innovative path.

What skills, models have you used and what was the result?

ACES (actions, cognitions, emotions, sensations) model – I learnt how, in certain situations, my thoughts, actions and emotions limited what I wanted to achieve.  I was unaware of the way I showed my actions and how my thoughts held me back. Using this model really helped to develop my self-awareness.

ANTs vs. CATs (automatic negative thoughts, capability affirming thoughts) – Again I wasn’t actually aware that I had negative thoughts, “I am dreading this meeting”, “I know the answer but can’t make a call on the decision”, I think this is because I would always get on with what I needed to do thus not realising I was being negative inside my own head.  After practising CATs before a meeting, during a discussion or whilst doing a piece of work I have noticed this is what has fuelled a lot of my confidence.  When I have positive thoughts before entering a meeting, I feel more focused and motivated.


Body language and speech – During one the second session I was pushed out of my comfort zone by having to read a paragraph from a famous speech.  I had to apply body language and tone of speech.  Sharon asked me to keep reading the speech until I portrayed affective body language and speech.  I was so grateful that I was pushed outside my comfort zone because it enabled me to grow and truly understand how affective the right body language and speech is.

What has been the biggest change in behaviour since attending the programme?

Since attending the programme I have felt happier which I am over the moon about.  I think my happiness is portrayed in the confidence I have.

How has the organisation benefitted from you attending the programme?

The course has enabled me to organise my thoughts and plan the path for my current role.  In doing this I have thrown myself into a project on collecting metrics and reporting them in a piece of software.  This is an innovative step for me because I do not have experience in metrics nor this software but I am confidently seeking help, asking questions and working on something outside of my comfort zone.  My direct team and other departments will benefit from these metrics from a continuous improvement perspective and to help build working relationships between teams.


I feel I am really coming into my position after performing under a junior grade since I started in the organisation.  Because I had been in a junior position for a number of years I think I got used to replying on others but the course has made me push myself to become self-sufficient. It has made me feel a lot more professional and given me focus for the future.

Any other comments

The only piece of constructive feedback I have is that I wish the course went on for longer!  In 3 months I feel I have just started to get going and seeing positive improvements.  I would like to be able to learn more or even follow up with Sharon to keep the progress going.

And finally, Sharon has been fantastic, brilliant, amazing!  She truly understands your worries and boundaries and has the answer to help you get through them.  Can’t thank you enough, Sharon!!!

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