Group Coaching

Bringing a group of people together for a coaching session can be very powerful. It stimulates discussion and can lead to positive change within the organisation in the way people work together. It can also develop a sense of collaborative spirit and many companies have been surprised at the number of positive ideas that have been generated from such sessions.

How it works

UCan Training offers group coaching sessions with professionals who are looking for personal development as part of a team. Professional coaching can bring enormous benefits, both to the coachees and to the organisations they work for. It allows people to see things from a different perspective, to think about whether they need to change the way they interact and work with others; and it can improve decision-making skills and lead to greater job satisfaction

Following the successful completion of a UCan Training programme, one client is now providing regular group coaching sessions to ‘high potential’ employees. Topics have included goal setting, delegation skills, emotional intelligence and getting yourself noticed.

We are about to start working with an executive leadership team to look at ways to improve communication within their organisation.

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