Half-day online/in-person courses

Empowering the leaders of the future

All too often, it’s just expected that team members inherently know how to manage conflict, present powerful presentations, communicate effectively, manage their workload, delegate… and master all the other skills which leadership roles demand.

When your organisation proactively nurtures these essential skills in your employees, it’s the entire organisation which reaps the benefits of increased performance, raised employee morale, improved wellbeing of individuals, better collaboration in a hybrid-working world, reduced recruitment costs, and – vital for every business – greater financial success.

The benefit of half-day workshops is that you can choose which skills your teams need to optimise the success of current projects, career paths, and organisational goals.

Half-day workshops can be combined to create a full-day workshop, or a bespoke series.

Choose from one or more of the half-day online/in-person courses featured below. 

Half-day online/in-person courses


Presenting is a daunting experience for many, and there are many reasons it can fall flat, yet it is one of the most common methods of disseminating information, influencing stakeholders and clients, and sharing ideas.

This session shows your employees a seven-step model to effectively structure their ideas and enable them to present with confidence and influence, while diffusing obstacles and handling objections. They will also learn the importance of words, voice and body language and how to speak with impact.

The result will be employees who can confidently lead presentations which convey information powerfully, inspire their listeners, and foster productive sharing of ideas.


Your employees inevitably will have to face conflict and have uncomfortable conversations with superiors, peers, and those they manage.

During the session, attendees will explore a model that deconstructs limiting behaviour patterns that are holding them back from having these crucial conversations; the four steps to effective conversations when the stakes are high; and how to create a one-minute opening statement to start the conversation.

When employees know how to handle uncomfortable conversations well, workplace conflicts are resolved quickly and efficiently, employee performance and engagement is increased, and relationships across your teams will improve.


Negotiating is an essential skill for leaders to direct results, convey information, get stakeholders on board, and foster productive, efficient discussions.

Attendees will learn a model of negotiating which includes how to identify the objectives of their points, the use of language – both body language and spoken language – to reinforce ideas, and how to structure points in the best way to win the approval and agreement of the other parties. We will also explore saying no, managing emotions, and diffusing conflict before it derails objectives. 

The skills developed in this workshop will result in leaders who are able to confidently steer their ideas into action, encourage teamwork, and be able to set boundaries when necessary.


All leaders need to be able to coach team members to achieve their best, help them solve problems, encourage better decision-making, and help them develop new skills to progress in their careers.

This session includes skillful questioning and elite listening skills to establish rapport, explore opportunities and build relationships; helping teams work together towards a common goal using the GROW model; and how to use force field analysis as a powerful tool for decision-making and problem solving.

By developing these skills, your employees will become leaders who are able to bring out the best in others, help everyone work to their potential, and create an ethos of success.


In order to achieve goals and meet priorities, employees need to know how to create a workload or project management schedule that keeps them on track to not only create success but to also protect their wellbeing.

During this session, we’ll explore common time management mistakes, methods of prioritisation, how to manage interruptions and other essential skills for being efficient and effective with time.

The result will be employees who confidently and efficiently manage their workload and drive projects forward without sacrificing their wellbeing.


Successful delegation is more than just an efficient way to distribute the workload. It is essential for drawing out the strengths of all your team members and avoiding the burnout associated with overburdening individuals. 

During the session, attendees will explore the barriers to delegation, identifying what to delegate, how to delegate successfully, and the best process to follow.

The result is teams who are more efficient in managing projects successfully, leaders who have more time to focus on vision and strategy, and increased wellbeing for employees.


By proactively empowering your employees to set goals, see the path of their careers ahead, and the impact they can have within your company, you reduce staff turnover, recruitment costs, and HR impacts.

During this session, attendees will explore setting and achieving short, medium and long-term goals, the resources involved, the obstacles, and the benefits.

As a result, you will have employees who are more invested in their careers at your company, are more aware of the skills they have to offer, and who are more likely to grown within your organisation rather than take their talents elsewhere.


This workshop will cover understanding ourselves, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, understanding others, and adapting are the core of any successful team.

During this session, attendees explore how to manage stress, manage their emotions and learn how to deconstruct limiting behaviour patterns and replace with enabling behaviour patterns. 

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a greater understanding of how their thoughts, feelings and actions impacts their day-to-day interactions with colleagues, feel more confident in their roles, and be more able to adapt to the inevitable change of the workplace.

Format & Fees

I deliver workshops online or face-to-face. Though based in the UK, as a global trainer and coach, I have travelled to other countries, such as Spain and India, to deliver my courses.

Having worked with global teams in the UK, Poland, Spain, India, the USA, and Hong Kong, I am experienced in managing cultural nuances. 

The half-day workshops are delivered over 3 hours, either in-person or online. 

  • 3hr workshop
  • Pre-workshop Reflection Activities
  • Digital workbooks
  • Post-workshop Consolidation
  • Up to 8 colleagues
  • Online or in-person
  • Choose one of the following modules: Presenting With Impact, Managing Conflict and Uncomfortable Conversations, Negotiating Effectively, Coaching Others, Managing Your Time, Effective Delegation, Shape Your Career, and Developing Emotional Intelligence.

£1,500 per workshop

*Accommodation and/or travel costs for in-person training will be an additional cost. Digital workbooks are provided. There is a small additional cost if you opt for printed workbooks


If you’re looking to develop your talent and want to know more about how these half-day courses would benefit your company, book a call on 01252 792811 or email sharon@ucantraining.com.