Inside Out

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance, arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities. So says the Oxford dictionary. We believe this means feeling great about yourself, from the inside out. Whenever you walk into a meeting or an interview, you should feel confident and know that you look great.

We’re excited to announce a new training programme, combining the skills of Sharon Jackson, coach and trainer, and Katie Powell, personal stylist and shopper. The aim is help individuals develop confidence on the inside and the outside.

Who’s it for?

Aimed mainly for women, this programme is for anyone at a crossroad in their life and who is struggling to see the way forward. Young mums wanting to begin a new career, or who are juggling career and family commitments; high fliers returning to the workplace after a career break or maternity leave; older women, whose children have left home, and want to take their lives in a new direction.

The programme is versatile and will be tailored to your needs. It can be used by corporates or small business owners, as part of a ‘return to work’ package, or by individuals wishing to get their lives in order.


Sharon Jackson is an empathetic and experienced coach, who focuses on empowering people from all walks of life to reach beyond self-imposed limitations and achieve a happy, successful and fulfilled life. She does this by building self-belief, confidence and personal skills, to enable you to recognise what you want from your career and life in general.

Through a series of focused one-to-one coaching sessions, Sharon will help you identify what it is you want to achieve, create, change or develop that will make a big impact on your life.  More importantly, by the end of the programme, you will know what’s stopping you and you will have a clear action plan to help you achieve your potential.

By taking time out to reflect on your needs, we can begin the process of looking at how you can achieve your dreams, goals and ambitions. This programme is designed to give you the courage, strength and confidence to get out there and reach your true potential.

Sharon and Katie - Inside Out
Katie and Sharon


When it comes to creating the best impression, having the right outfit can be your secret weapon. Whether it’s a client meeting, an interview, a team meeting, or ‘dress down Friday’, the right outfit, combined with a smile and a whole lot of confidence, can transform your day and put everything back on track.

As part of the Inside Out training programme, you will spend a day with Katie, our personal stylist and shopper, and founder of one of London and Surrey’s leading style agencies. Her aim is to give you as much inspiration as possible, so you feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing, whatever the occasion.

The shopping experience takes place in central London, although other locations can be arranged. It starts with a chat to establish what you need from your wardrobe. Once you’ve agreed your style and the colours that suit you best, it’s time to hit the shops. Working to your budget, Katie will create and style multiple outfits and give you lots of tips to make your wardrobe work for you in the most cost effective way.

One thing is certain – Katie will make you feel a million dollars, and your shopping experience will be a lot of fun.

How it works
  • Three two-hour face-to-face coaching sessions with Sharon at UCan Training’s picturesque offices in Surrey, or six one-hour coaching sessions via Skype or phone.
  • A fabulous one-day shopping experience with Katie.
  • The programme is designed around each participant.
Next Steps

If you, or your company, think you would benefit from this new programme, please email or call 01252 792811 to find out more.