Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a highly effective framework for adapting and connecting with others. The tool transforms people’s self-perception, productivity and performance by focusing on self-understanding.

Based on the findings of the Swiss psychologist Dr Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery system will help your employees:

  • Understand themselves better.
  • Understand others (who may be different to them).
  • Adapt their approach and behaviour to improve business relationships.

Employees simply fill in a questionnaire (which takes approx. 15 minutes), and in return, they get a profile that gives a brilliantly accurate, personal overview. This tool will help your teams realise why they get on with some people but not others, making a real difference in organisations where effective communication is vital.

Insights Discovery can be used in a variety of situations, from assisting board members/directors with communicating their corporate strategy to helping managers motivate and inspire their people.

The system is easy to understand and use, can be put into practice immediately — and it gets results!

If you’d like more details about our Insights Discovery tool, please email or call 01252 792811.