Josie Hughes | One-to-One Coaching

Josie Hughes joined Matchtech, a leading engineering recruitment services company, in 2004. During that time she has developed the marketing function, achieving the position of group marketing manager, managing a team of three function heads.

Our brief was to equip her with new skills and techniques to help her manage her team and develop her communication, presentation and leadership skills. She also needed to broaden her network in the engineering industry in order to help grow the business.

To achieve these goals, we needed to focus on a number of areas, including:

  • The five styles of communication and the impact they have on day-to-day relationships with others
  • A seven-step model to help her structure presentations to her team, peers or higher management, including voice projection, and the importance of body language
  • A three-step technique to help her handle challenging situations
  • Assertive techniques to improve her negotiating skills, including ways to say ‘no’, and mean it
  • How to have a winning mindset, which includes building self-esteem, the power of positive self-talk, and how to visualise success
  • How to make connections and build relationships to enhance her career and the business
  • The seven-steps to setting and achieving business and personal goals.

How did we do this?

Josie attended regular one-to-one coaching sessions at UCan Training’s offices, over a 12-month period.

The benefits and outcome

Through one-to-one coaching Josie had the opportunity to discuss issues, learn new skills, and build confidence in a safe and controlled environment. It allowed her time to focus her thoughts and understand how, by making some changes to the way she operates, she could continue to grow her career and achieve greater things.

She learned about her own communication style and how to change it; and she discovered techniques she could use straight away to frame spoken and written communication. All of this built confidence and assertiveness in her communication with others and helped her improve her networking skills.

Overall, Josie developed her strengths as a strong credible leader, manager and colleague.

The sessions helped me identify what I wanted to achieve, both in and out of work. I am much more aware of how I behave, and how others behave, and can use this to adapt and get my message across. I’m much more confident and not afraid to put across ideas and suggestions at meetings, and have the confidence to argue a point and come up with solutions.”

Josie Hughes

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