Nicola Godden | The Power of Affirmations

Several years ago I held a workshop over six weeks round my kitchen table for a group of Mums. The workshop was about ‘How to get from where you are to where you want to be’  based on a book by Jack Canfield called The Success Principles.

Nicky, one of the Mums at the workshop, was quite down at the time, with four children to look after and was struggling to manage everything.

One week we had a lot of fun cutting out pictures from magazines and sticking them on small cards.  Next to the picture we wrote down our affirmations (what you want to achieve) as though we had already succeeded.

Every morning they had to look at their cards when they woke up and every evening before they went to sleep.  This is to start programming the unconscious mind about what we want to achieve.  Nicky took this on board.  These are some of her affirmations:

  • I am enjoying the thrill of flying (had a fear)
  • I am delighted to be exhibiting at Goodwood Sculpture Park (Nicky’s a sculptor)
  • I am celebrating the fact I am fit, strong and healthy
  • I am feeling fit and fine at 9 stone

Nicky has succeeded at all of these goals and has gone on to achieve a lot more.

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