Online/in-person coaching

These days, we’re bombarded with information from all sides — especially as society continues to move online — making it difficult to cope with the demands of day-to-day life. The challenges we all face are unique and varied, but one-to-one coaching is a powerful way to get the best out of your professional and personal life.

Online coaching offers enormous flexibility (without geographical boundaries) and can be scheduled around other activities during your day or evening, saving you valuable time and money.

‘I really liked the online coaching sessions. Zoom was brilliant. It was fantastic to be able to see people’s faces, body language and reactions. Your face and emotions say a lot of things, and instantly you become connected. It was really, really good’.

Ruby Wadwa

We cover a range of topics in our individual coaching courses, including:

  • Shape Your Future: seven steps to setting and achieving your business and personal goals.
  • Developing self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • The importance of words, voice and body language, and how to adapt your communication styles and influence decisions.
  • A seven-step model for presenting ideas.
  • Preparing for difficult conversations.
  • Tools to help you with decision-making.
  • Developing others.
  • Having a winning mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • The benefits of positive self-talk and how to visualise success.
  • Making connections and building strong relationships.

‘Learning how to set achievable targets and goals has been one of the biggest helps, and I’m now able to delegate a huge amount of tasks that I was previously doing myself. I’ve become more confident, learnt to think outside the box, and I am making better decisions’.

Paula Sheridan

We know some people just feel more comfortable meeting in person, which is why we also offer in-person coaching for individuals who’d prefer this coaching format. To learn more about our online/in-person coaching programmes, get in touch at or call 01252 792811.