Unlock the Power of You

Power of You, is designed to prepare talented individuals for the future and allow businesses to develop strong succession plans.

This three-day programme, spread over three months, gives individuals the skills to confidently communicate with people at all levels, allowing them to operate at a more senior level, influence decisions, set achievable goals and develop meaningful business networks.

Sharon Jackson, UCan’s founder, explains: “Businesses today have to focus on profitability. And, in doing so, they must have sustainable succession plans in place to ensure that people are able to adapt to changing and competitive market conditions.” She believes the best way to do this is by investing in coaching and training. “It’s important to give people the skills and techniques to help them develop as individuals, whilst at the same time contribute to the ongoing success of the business.”

Originally designed for Gerald Eve, the third largest partnership of chartered surveyors and property consultants in the UK, Power of You has already delivered remarkable results.

Sarah Palmer, HR director, says: “We commissioned Sharon to design a programme for our younger talent and I’m pleased to say that the board was delighted with the results”.


Topics covered include:

  • How confident are you – explore the five elements of confidence
  • How good are your listening skills – learn the art of active listening
  • Learn the four steps for coaching and mentoring others using the GROW model
  • Use force field analysis to help with decision making
  • Develop self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings, actions using a four-step model
  • How to have a winning mindset, including overcoming limiting beliefs, positive self-talk and how to visualise success
  • The importance of words, voice and body language, and how to adapt your communication and influencing style
  • Learn a seven-step model for presenting your ideas
  • Learn how to delegate effectively to manage workload
  • Conflict management – how to prepare for difficult conversations
  • How to make connections and build relationships to enhance your career
  • The seven-steps to setting and achieving business and personal goals

Having attended the programme, delegates will:

  • Have practical models and techniques to to improve communication and influencing skills
  • Be more confident and assertive in communication with others
  • Develop a winning mindset and know how to sustain it.

The three-day programme is spread over three months. Each session is interactive and practical, with tips, tools and techniques to enable individuals to be more effective in their working life.

Next steps

If you, or your company, think you would benefit from this training and coaching programme to achieve your business and personal goals, email sharon@ucantraining.com or call 01252 792811 to find out more or see upcoming dates.

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Testimonial – Simon Pritchard, Gerald Eve

Sharon changed my life!

“Sharon changed my life! I attended Sharon’s 3-part course The Power of You. I found it very interactive and stimulating. The course covered a range of topics, including how to deal with difficult situations and people, how to get buy-in of colleagues in tricky situations and how to set goals and objectives."

Serwah Aboagye, Kinapse

I would highly recommend The Power of You to anyone

"I am delighted to have taken part in Sharon’s The Power of You course to develop confidence in business environments. Sharon’s ideas, sound-bites and structured models on how to approach situations and push for more has made me think and act in an entirely different way in ‘business’, as well as in all aspects of my life. I am grateful to Sharon and to my company for giving me the opportunity to participate in the course and I would highly recommend The Power of You to anyone who wishes to build upon their confidence skills.”

Luisa Russo, Gerald Eve

she genuinely cares about her client’s development and progress

“I attended The Power of You training course, devised by Sharon Jackson. The course covered a range of topics to develop our skills. Sharon was a brilliant trainer – very enthusiastic and personable. You can tell that she genuinely cares about her client’s development and progress and went above and beyond. She makes regular contact between sessions and, after the course ended, to provide encouragement and feedback. I believe the course is now to be rolled out throughout the company, which is testament to how well the course was received.”

Mahri Tawse, Gerald Eve