Unlock the Power of You

With research showing that the most successful companies are those that have a mix of men and women on the board, there has never been a better time to start training the female talent of the future. But where are these women and why aren’t they applying for senior jobs?

Low self-confidence and self-belief, combined with a lack of vision for their future career, are factors deemed to prevent young women from putting themselves forward for career progression.

For the last five years, UCan Training has successfully focused on helping organisations develop their young female talent. The Power of You programme gives individuals the skills to confidently communicate with people at all levels, influence decisions, set achievable goals and develop meaningful business networks.

But the most important ingredient is that the programme unlocks self-belief and gives women the confidence to map out a career plan and apply – and get – top-level roles.

headshot of Sophie Millns

I was impressed that Sharon could take a group of people in different roles and work with us all to improve our skills and confidence.  She used her own experiences to highlight key principles in her coaching.  The training was a really amazing insight into the benefit of self-empowerment and I quickly saw results by using Sharon’s tools and techniques in the workplace.’ Sophie Millns, Pfizer

POY2518The Power of You programme is run from UCan’s home office, near Farnham in Surrey. Surrounded by open countryside, the picturesque setting gives participants the perfect opportunity to relax, learn and grow; and it allows them to develop skills, and share knowledge and experiences, in a safe environment.

Three-month programme

The core programme comprises a maximum of six participants, from a range of industries, although it can also take groups from one company.  The three-day format, structured over a three-month period, allows them to foster new relationships and start to build a network that they will carry forward for the rest of their career.


  • Developing self-awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • The importance of words, voice and body language, and how to adapt communication styles and influence decisions
  • A seven-step model for presenting ideas
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Tools to help with decision making
  • Developing others
  • Having a winning mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • The benefits of positive self-talk and how to visualise success
  • Making connections and building strong relationships
  • Seven-steps to setting and achieving business and personal goals.

The course covered a range of topics and was very interactive and stimulating. I learned a lot, particularly around getting buy-in from colleagues in tricky situations and getting goals and objectives.’ Serwah Aboagye, Kinapse

Nine-month programme

We listened to our clients and this year have trialled a new nine-month Power of You programme.  This includes the original three-month programme, with an additional three group coaching days and three one-hour individual online video coaching sessions. This has proved popular with clients with two organisations taking up this new offering, with outstanding results.


The Power of You develops leadership skills, which increases confidence to apply for and gain top level jobs.  The programme has a proven track record of women being promoted within six to twelve months of attending.

NEW for 2019 – Online coaching

With society moving online and individuals and companies lacking in time and resources, we are delighted to announce our new Power of You online programme.

After conducted a study using a sample of 12 women, from two organisations, as well as one individual participant, we discovered how online coaching using synchronous and asynchronous coaching, combined with individual and group coaching, creates a powerful range of methods to facilitate behavioural change. The study demonstrates that coaching young women, individually and as a group, helps develop self-confidence. Having the time and space to think about the future and what they would like to achieve in their professional and personal lives, encouraged risk taking, which led to new learnings and behavioural change.

Group online coaching

‘I really liked the online coaching sessions. Zoom was brilliant. It was fantastic to be able to see people’s faces, body language and reactions. Your face and emotions say a lot of things, and instantly you become connected. It was really, really good.’ Ruby Wadwa, Oracle.

Online coaching offers enormous flexibility and with no geographical boundaries, saves the client and the organisation valuable time and money.

Find out more

If you are looking to develop your female talent and want to know more about the Power of You programme, please get in touch by sending an email to Sharon@ucantraining.com, or call 01252 792811.