Shape your Future


How satisfied are you with your life at the moment? Are you feeling stuck and don’t know what to do?

Brian Tracey, a leader in the field of motivation, says ‘people with clear, written, goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time, than people without them could ever imagine’. And research backs him up. Studies consistently show that having clear, written goals, makes a significant difference in creating success, and the biographies of high achievers throughout history bear this out.

If you, or members of your team, struggle to identify clear goals, then it might be that our Shape your Future one-day workshop could help.  Set in a picturesque setting in the Surrey Hills, come and enjoy a unique experience as you put plans in place for the year ahead.

Workshop content
  • Develop a compelling vision of the future
  • How to break down the vision into short, medium and long-term goals
  • Understand the obstacles to achieving goals
  • Identify the resources needed on the journey
  • What habits and behaviours could be holding you back
  • The use of visualisation in achieving success
  • Action planning, with tips to help you stay focused and make it happen.

Following this workshop you will have a clear strategy to help you achieve your business and personal goals and a range of tips to help you stay focused and on track.

Who’s it for?

Anyone wanting to change direction or get clarity around where they are heading. This could range from individuals, business owners or small teams.

Next steps

If you, or your company, think you would benefit from this workshop to help you achieve your business and personal goals, please email or call 01252 792811 to find out more, or see our upcoming dates.

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Case study
Ellie Kelly | Shape your Future

Ellie Kelly | Shape your Future

Ellie Kelly would never have believed she would soon count amongst her corporate clients Goodwood Festival of Speed and Innocent Drinks. Not…


Fabulous goal setting workshop run by Sharon

“I attended a fabulous goal setting workshop run by Sharon. She facilitated the session allowing us all to focus on the goals we wanted to achieve over varying timescales and helped us structure these so we could see how we might achieve these goals. The time went really quickly as the session was interactive with the ability to work with others and also on our own. I found the workshop to be hugely rewarding both on the day and also afterwards with regular contact from both Sharon and the other delegates. The workshop was delivered in bite sized chunks which wasn’t overwhelming and it gave me the confidence to be both realistic and optimistic in my goal setting.”

Rebecca Newenham, Owner, Get Ahead VA

Sharon’s goal achieving workshop was excellent

Sharon’s goal achieving workshop was excellent. I found Sharon to be a natural teacher and a friendly, inspiring and knowledgeable facilitator. I felt very much at ease and enjoyed thinking and talking about my plans and ambitions in the company of the other members of the workshop. The session was really rewarding and challenged us all to think deeply about our goals. I now feel more confident about pursuing my objectives and am inspired to do so.

Penny Walters, Owner, Scuffs

‘I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday’

Eleanor Roosevelt