The Lasting Impact of Early Career Leadership Training

We’ve all had that experience of training, which was amazing at the time, but then we filed away in a drawer and never thought about it again.

What your organisation needs is training that has a lasting impact on your most important asset: your people.

Abi’s journey shows how the training that I facilitate through my programmes reaches far beyond the duration of the course.

Abi’s Journey

Four years ago, Abi Hopkins attended my three-month Power of You programme – a programme which gives individuals the skills to confidently communicate with people at all levels, influence decisions, set achievable goals and develop meaningful business networks.

On day two of the programme, we focussed on how to present with impact. Abi learned models to structure a presentation and how to handle questions and objections. She learned about the importance of words, the power of the voice, and the use of body language to make an impact.

This is what she had to say at the time.

“I have just completed the Power of You course with Sharon and highly recommend it. The course was uplifting and I came home from every session feeling inspired. Sharon has supported me in developing my confidence and I have seen a real shift in my behaviour and mindset, both at work and also in my personal life too…”

Sharon’s course gave me the opportunity to take time out of a busy work life to reflect on how I can develop personally and support my team to develop too…

Her feedback was fantastic to receive, but what happened next shows the powerful impact that truly effective training can have.

Four years on…

Four years later, Abi gave her first talk at the ‘What Career’ live event sharing her top 12 interview tips with students.

When she was offered a speaking slot at this event, after a little hesitation she went for it and was proud of herself for doing so. Having interviewed 1000s of candidates in her career, what better topic for her to share. Abi was also able to promote opportunities at her company Empiric.

When I congratulated Abi, I was delighted that the training from Power of You was a key part of her journey.

“Thank you Sharon – your ‘Power of You’ course definitely helped me to get to this point.”

The Power of You Programme

The Power of You develops leadership skills, increases confidence to apply for and gain top-level jobs, and has a proven track record of individuals being promoted within six to twelve months of attending.
Topics covered include:

  • Developing self-awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • The importance of words, voice and body language.
  • How to adapt communication styles and influence decisions.
  • A seven-step model for presenting ideas.
  • Preparing for courageous conversations.
  • Tools to help with decision-making.
  • Developing others.
  • Having a winning mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • The benefits of positive self-talk and how to visualise success.
  • Making connections and building strong relationships.
  • Seven steps to setting and achieving business and personal goals.

If you’re looking to develop your talent and want to know more about the Power of You programme, please get in touch by emailing or calling 01252 792811.