Two years on…..Tessa’s story

Two years ago I conducted a study to research the impact of an online coaching programme in helping individuals achieve their goals.  One of the individuals who attended was Tessa Milton, a young mother who had decided to give up her corporate career in London to stay at home with her young son.  Tessa’s dream was to set up a bee keeping business.  Two years on, she is turning that dream into reality.

Tessa’s story

I used to work for an advertising agency in central London.  When my son Lucas was born in August 2014, my partner and I decided I would stop commuting into London so that I could stay at home and look after Lucas full-time.  Being at home with Lucas gave me the opportunity to stop and think about what I wanted to do with my life.  What did I feel passionate about?

IMG_6198One of my hobbies is bee keeping, which I’ve been doing for a little while.  I kept thinking about a potential business whereby I could look after bees for people who didn’t have time to look after the hives themselves.

I had lots of ideas in my head but I was unclear of what steps I needed to take to move things forward.  Every time I reached a stumbling block, I would stop and not move forward with anything.  So I got in touch with Sharon at UCan Training to help me with my plans.

Sharon told me about an opportunity to be involved in an online training programme to help individuals think about what they wanted to achieve both professionally and personally.  An online programme suited me because Lucas attends nursery a couple of mornings a week, and I’m not always that flexible of where I’m going to be.  

Working online meant that I could use my phone, tablet or laptop from any location with an internet connection.

What was your experience like?

My overall experience of the online training programme was brilliant.  I found in a short space of time, I was so much more productive with things that I wanted to get done, whereas on my own I struggled to move forward. 

TessaThe structured programme made things much more achievable, and having Sharon there as a support, an accountability partner, really brought things along for me.

So alongside the professional goals and where I wanted to go with my work moving forwards, we also talked about anything else I wanted to achieve.  So on a personal level pushing myself out of my comfort zone, for example, cold water swimming or doing new activities that I hadn’t done before, just challenging myself where normally I wouldn’t.

So what’s next?

So we’ve got our first fee paying client for Bee Alchemy which is really exciting.  For me it’s all about growing the business slowly as I’ve had a second child, Joshua, since attending the online programme.  As Joshua gets older and goes into nursery I will have more time to grow the business and will be able to hit the ground running when they start school.

If, like Tessa, you are feeling stuck and would like an online coach to help you gain clarity about your future, learn how to set and achieve professional and personal goals, and develop a positive ‘can do’ mindset, then do get in touch.  I offer a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.  To find out more contact or call 01252 792811.