Crossing Continents – India | Coaching & Mentoring Managers

Crossing continents

UCan Training was asked by Kinapse, a company that provides expert consulting and outsourcing services to the life sciences industry, to design and deliver two training workshops to its management team, based in India.

This was an exciting project – the company was developing rapidly in India, with young managers taking on more team members and more responsibility. The aim was to help young team leaders develop their communication and presentation skills; learn how to coach and mentor their team members to achieve their best, solve problems, make better decisions, and learn new skills so they can progress in their role or career.

We designed two workshops, with follow up support to embed the learning. The content covered:

  • Learning about different communication styles and how to adapt when working globally
  • How to present ideas with impact, using a 7-step model
  • Building presence – understanding the importance of words, voice and body language
  • Taking responsibility for the development of your team
  • Coaching and mentoring as part of a daily routine
  • Conveying the right message, without blaming others
  • Providing constructive feedback with positive intent
  • Developing the right behaviours
  • Demonstrating the company values.

This was a fantastic opportunity for us to work in a different culture with warm, welcoming and friendly people. However, it wasn’t without its challenges as some of the messages and behaviours that resonate with UK delegates, wouldn’t necessarily be accepted in India. We, therefore, adapted our training to suit the cultural differences.

The benefits and outcome

Whilst requiring an investment in time, coaching and mentoring others develops important leadership skills. In turn it grows the individual and contributes towards a successful company. Coaching and mentoring others is also a key requirement for successful succession planning.

“The timing of the course was perfect – just before giving feedback on personal development plans with my team. I felt more open and more confident in getting across strong messages. It gave me lots of ideas of how to become a good mentor and leader.”

Team leader

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