Ellie Kelly | Shape your Future

Ellie Kelly would never have believed she would soon count amongst her corporate clients Goodwood Festival of Speed and Innocent Drinks. Not only that, she now has a team of eight, including part-time office support.

And as well as her corporate clients, the families Ellie works for include some high profile names which included an event with a private performance from the girl-band Little Mix.

So how did she do it?

“I work with yearly goals and retain an image of where I want to be in five years,” she says. “I always knew I wanted to work for myself and went from thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ to ‘how am I going to do or get that’.”

Ellie started goal setting at the start of 2013, after attending UCan Training’s goal setting workshop: “Sharon showed me how to think things through in a logical way, and plan out my goals for the year. I also picked up a lot of great tips on how to ensure I stick to my plan and achieve all I set out to do.”

And, with some big plans for next year, Ellie meets Sharon regularly to talk about her progress in achieving her goals.

“It’s all quite scary,” she says. “I’ve recently had a baby, I’m investigating new business opportunities and working towards my turnover goals. But, I love working with children and I go to bed with the satisfaction of knowing I’ve made a little person’s day special and taken the stress off the parents.”

How I got where I am today
  • Studied ‘Produce Design – Sustainable Futures’ at university
  • Tested various jobs, including working in a school
  • Joined a small children’s events company as an entertainer
  • Worked in a hotel as events manager and then wedding planner
  • Launched Buttons, at the same time as working in the hotel industry
  • In 2012 went full-time as the business ‘took off’
  • Now has eight weekend party staff and part-time office support


If you would like to attend a goal setting workshop, email enquiries@ucantraining.com.